1.01 Origins

Origins. One of the most debated issues of our century.

Who we are and where do we come from?

I will be talking about me as it would be easy for you to understand what I mean.  I always been interested to find out about the origins and the past of my family, so I started to investigate properly and these are the results:

My origins are… Italian. I was born and raise in Italy, with an Italian dad and a Colombian mum. My first spoken language is Italian,  back home I was eating Italian food and watching Italian television. My family from my father has always been Italian, most interesting my mother’s family comes from all over the places. She is a product of mixed race heritage. My grandmother is Colombian while my grandfather is Spanish. My grandma had an Native/Afro-american mom and a half German-half Colombian dad (as you can see, very mixed heritage).

This kind of wide heritage has sometimes left me thinking of where do I stand. Am I Italian, am I Colombian, am I British or do I simply belong to this planet, regardless of my country of origin?

It is not the only factor that has left me thinking about it. Growing up in Italy with a mixed background can and has been quite challenging. I remember being bullied for the colour of my skin (milk chocolate, thank you), on how my hair was so thick compared to the rest of my Italian friends, on how odd was to listen to me while speaking in Spanish with my mom. Even though Italy is my “home”, sometimes it does not feel entirely like that. I realise that there were other factors that have played on my doubtful meaning of belonging somewhere. One of the most influential factor was that the people were making you feel different. How easy is to judge someone with a different colour skin than yours, or just for the way they speak a different language. Is that what Human Beings are good for and have been created for? To judge and to be judged? If we only had less prejudice, we will be all living in a definitely improved world and everyone would benefit from a lasting time of peace and harmony.

After blaming most of the people because they were not accepting me for who I was, I decided that ultimately it’s on how I feel, without taking in consideration feedback and silly comments from bigots. I understood that acceptance is a state of mind and once you accept yourself, everyone else will.

So I am asking myself the same question, where do I belong?

Planet earth! Italy, Colombia or Britain, it really does not matter. What matter the most is that you feel confident enough to be yourself and overcome every single doubt of worthlessness you are experiencing in this World. Also, nowadays there are sooo many mixed race children that this issue is slightly being overshadow by the new reality of this fact.



Lastly, I found an old picture in one of the family album, depicting my great-grandfather (right hand side) with his parents and siblings (mid 1800s). I recon it’s still fun to find out old memories album and see how your ancestors were living (and dressing up).

Still, it would be great to know how your experience has been growing up.

Did you felt well accepted in your home country or even you had some issue growing up not feeling right at home?


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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