Dear Reader

Thanks for visiting this site.

I will start introducing myself as I believe that is an important step of this process. You will understand better my story if you will find out more about my past.

Simone Poto.jpg

My name is Simone Bertagna and I am an Italian smily guy.

That is how I would describe myself in a short sentence. In more words, I am half Italian (dad’side) and half Colombian (mom’side). I was born and raise in Italy, living in the north of the country. I studied catering school, did not finish it (as I was lazy at the time genuinely speaking) and in  2010 I decided to travel and live in London. In here I had the chance to get to know myself more and to grow professionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In 2014, I was fed up with the busy London experience. I then decided to travel to Australia for a year. Melbourne was the long-awaited destination. It has been one of the most memorable experiences to me but due to my VISA, I had to come back to Europe and here we are, back in London again.

I finally would like to welcome you to my newly created blog, “How to be Human”.

You might think that it’s a random name for a blog but I can assure you, there is a reason behind it.  I wanted to describe in this blog what MY experiences as a Human Being have been up to now, on how they did help me to become the Human I am today and hopefully my experience will help you to go ahead with yours (and perhaps they will gift you with a smile).

You are more than welcome to post a comment on this site, It would be cool to find out if you had a similar experience and if it was different, how much different was it from mine?

Enjoy the reading,


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