1.03 Having a Twin Brother

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been to live a life without my other “half”. I have many friends that are the only “child” of the family. Don’t they miss another similar copy of them to grow up with? How was to have a twin brother and how that has had an impact on my life?

Most people without a twin would not understand what having a twin is about. There are so many things that have to be debunked, like when your twin is sick, automatically you feel all his pain or that you finish each other sentences. Let me share with you some key facts I experienced in first hand in order to shed some light into the subject.

I guess I have been lucky enough to be born with a similar copy of myself, in this case Riccardo. He is more than my twin brother; he is my best friend and a soul companion that I will have to share this Human experience with.

We have been sharing so many different moments together. Sharing our mom‘s belly was the first one. Birthdays, Christmases and all the other festivities have always been celebrated by the two of us together. We have been to the same kinder garden and primary school. We have literally been doing the same things up to when we started secondary school. That has been the last moment we kind of had the same experiences

From that moment on, we were going to different schools, we were going out with different friends, we were going to different places and we were dating different people.

If you meet us today, you will be surprized to see how different we truly are. Of course you can still see that we are brothers, definitely you would not call us twin brothers. We wear different clothes, we like different foods, different colours, different hobbies, everything different. If you believe in Karma, it seems like we are like the Ying and Yang.

It’s truly incredible how different experiences have led us to have totally different likes and dislikes. Is that a good thing? Of course!! That’s a way on how we can support each other and we can learn from one to another. At the end of the day, our differences are what make us united.

I am grateful that in this time life I have such a person next to me. He has been my support when I needed the most: he has been my shoulder when I needed to cry and he has been my clown when I needed to laugh. It’s normal that sometimes we might be in disagreement, still our relationship has lasted for this time long and I am sure that our affection for each other will survive many of the challenging situations with world will throw at us.

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